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Tax Consulting Services

Your recently concerns:

  • Tax regulations change frequently, so you are not sure that you can update them in time;
  • You don’t know whether your company is in compliance with tax laws and related regulations;
  • Your company’s compliance costs are out of control;
  • You’re seeking a tax specialist to help you prepare tax reports and tax form;
  • You want to prepare document for claim to tax refund;
  • You want to know tax’s effects when you plan out dividend, royalty or interest;
  • You want to know tax’s effects to business mergers and acquisitions.

Our competence:

We know that tax issues are a great interest for business, so we had selected and assembled personnel who have expertise experience and knowledge of law in general and tax regulations in particular in Vietnam. We believe that we can meet clients’ need for their desired effectiveness.

We will help our clients with effectively planning and dealing with taxes imposed on individual entities and assist clients in attaining their goals and reducing unfavorable tax effects on business transactions.

Our Services:

  • Check compliance tax laws and related regulations
  • Tax risk management
  • Tax retainer
  • Tax audit
  • Tax assistance and submission
  • Reviewing clients tax returns
  • Application for tax incentives
  • Tax structuring
  • Preparing tax returns for individuals, including those who are also subject to foreign taxes
  • Representing clients in dealing with tax authorities
  • Preparing protests and claims for tax refund
  • Assisting clients in tax planning
  • Advising clients on the tax implications of proposed contracts or financial transactions
  • Rendering an opinion on the tax aspects of certain accounting treatments
  • Preparing dividend, royalty and interest planning
  • Determine and consult about tax for business mergers and acquisitions purposes
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